The Summer Relaunch - 12 New Summer Scents!

The Summer Relaunch - 12 New Summer Scents!

The Little Bookish Company is BACK OPEN with 12 gorgeous new scents for summer 2023! 
I'm so excited to bring this brand new collection of summer wax melts to you, and can't wait to see what you think of them. The Summer Relaunch is inspired by some of my favourite summer books, tv shows, movies and songs - and every single scent is an exclusive blend, created by me, that you won't find anywhere else! 
You can view the entire collection HERE in the shop right now!

Sweet Tea in the Summer

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Sweet Tea in the Summer.
'Sweet tea in the summer, cross my heart won't tell no other. And though I can't recall your face, I've still got love for you.'
Inspired by one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs, this beautiful blend features a mix of sweet apple, black tea, bergamot, citrus and fresh jasmine. The perfect scent for a crisp summer morning as you slowly wake up to a brand new day.
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Summer Lovin'

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Summer Lovin
'Summer lovin' had me a blast.'
Obviously inspired by Grease, this fun snap bar is scented with sweet vanilla, ripe raspberry, lush apricots, mandarin and green summer leaves. Question though - are you a Danny or a Kenickie? A Sandy or a Rizzo? Or are you simply just a beauty school dropout?
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Holiday House

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Holiday House
'They picked out a home and called it Holiday House'.
I couldn't resist naming just one more scent after a Taylor Swift song, and I've always wanted to do a Holiday House-inspired scent - so here it is!! These bars are fragranced with a really special blend created by me, featuring notes of patchouli, geranium, willow, elderflower, iris, leather and oakmoss. The scent reminds me of coming home from a day at the beach, kicking your sandy shoes off onto the porch, and spending the evening sat outside beneath the trees watching the stars.
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It's Not Summer Without You

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. It's Not Summer Without You
Last year, I was OBSESSED with the peak summer vibes of 'The Summer I Turned Pretty' series on Amazon, that I just had to make a scent inspired by Belly and the crew this year.
This one is for all you sweet-lovers, with notes of smooth chocolate, sugared cherries, ripe raspberry, and almond sprinkles - the perfect sundae to enjoy after a day at the beach with friends.
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Beach Read

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Beach Read
Tell me, friends, is there ANYTHING more joyful than packing up a bag, heading to the beach, and spending all day reading your favourite books on the sand with the sea by your toes? I think NOT!
These snap bars have the perfect summer beach vibes, with notes of crisp citrus, marine marigolds, waterlily, and precious oceanic woods, and you won't want to miss this one if you're a fan of fresh, sea scents.
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Summer TBR

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Summer TBR
What's on your reading list for this summer? I love pulling together a stack of books at this time of year, and slowly making my way through them on hot summer nights.
I created a really unique and special blend for this one, containing notes of spicy woods, peach, cinnamon and clove, on a bed of cotton candy, vanilla, and cherry - perfect for those summer reading days.
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Kellerman's Mountain Lodge

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Kellerman's Mountain Lodge
'Kellerman's we come together singing all as one. We have shared another seasons talent, play and fun.'
Don't tell me you didn't sing that as you read it? Dirty Dancing is a quintessential summer movie for me, so I had to create this scent to add to my new collection. This one is a blend of citrus, mint, woods, lavender, jasmine and amber. Do you have hungry eyes yet?
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The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Cottagecore
'I advise everybody who is going to build, to build a cottage.” —Jane Austen.
Cottagecore to me embodies everything that is soft, cosy and peaceful, and a cottagecore summer is one that I dream of. Spend the day baking with this delicious scent blend featuring notes of stewed apples, almond slices, and sweet pear on a base of delicate, crumbly vanilla pastry. If you're a fan of bakery scents - you're gonna want to pick this one up!
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Reading by the River

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Reading by the River
I originally intended to release this scent LAST year, and now it's finally having it's well-deserved moment.
These cute bars are fragranced with a delicate scent featuring notes of riverside waterlillies, soft musk, and subtle coconut. So pack your blanket, picnic, and summer reads, and head down to the river for a day of pure bliss!
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Summer Circus

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Summer Circus
Roll up! Roll up! The summer circus has arrived in town, and the gates are open!
This one is for all of you fans of sweet scents, with a mouthwatering blend of warm popcorn and walnut chunks drizzled with a hot maple and toffee sauce.
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Here Comes the Sun

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Here Comes the Sun
'Here comes the sun, doo-doo-doo-doo
Here comes the sun, and I say
It's alright.'
Compliment a bright and sunny day with this fresh blend of soft mint tea and zesty mandarin. This is for the people who enjoy a subtle, delicate fragrance in their homes that won't overwhelm the nose.
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Golden Afternoon

The Little Bookish Company. Summer Relaunch. Golden Afternoon
'There's a wealth of happiness and romance. All in the golden afternoon'
Inspired by one of my favourite books/movies for the spring - Alice in Wonderland, this floral blend features notes of juniper, pear, orchid, magnolia, freesia and rose, to make you feel as though you're walking through that sassy flower field right alongside Alice.
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What are your favourites from the Summer Relaunch collection? All of these scents are limited edition, so grab them while you can before they're all gone!


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