My name is Lauren, and welcome to The Little Bookish Company, my home-run small business where you can find beautiful home fragrances inspired by your favourite books, TV shows and movies! I run the entire thing from my home in Bolton, while raising and homeschooling my daughter alongside our two kitties and a menagerie of house plants!!

I created this company after spending WAY too much money on candles and wax melts for my own home, until one day I thought, "surely it can't be so hard to make these for myself?!" . . . well, it turns out it's actually way harder than it looks, but five years later - here I am! I'm still buying way too many candles and wax melts, but now I make them for all of you too!

  All of my products are inspired by my favourite things in pop culture. From books and songs, to TV shows and movies - I have so many ideas and just not enough time! As well as my main core collections, I also release limited-edition collections, boxes and exclusive candles and snap bars through my Patreon clubs - and I love every second of it!

So come in, take a look around, and stay a while. You're more than welcome here :) 

Lauren x